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Top Down Technical Analysis

Learn how to look at the markets from a larger scale into a smaller scale. We employ the top down (macro to micro) technical analysis to understand the overall market structure and the path of least resistance. It is a filter process to understand what the market is telling us, and bring that into an intra-day and swing trade thesis.

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Risk Management

Risk Management is perhaps the most important element in our day-to-day trading. If one were to create a “trading method” it should really be centered around risk management over anything else. In intra-day “proprietary” trading, traders face a variety of risks well beyond the thought of taking a stop loss.

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Trade Methodology

Learn how we trade with various tools such as TPO profiles, Volume profiles, Footprint chart and other nuances. We cover some general filters which we apply on each session that are then paired with our game plan and the overall market context.

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Our resaerch into the finer aspects of our trading approach. Learn more about value, absorption, liquidity vacuum and details around continuous contract settings.

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