Education Overview and Expectations

Before going into the self-study topics, I highly recommend you take a moment to read this through first and foremost to understand the expectations in sharing all of this information to everyone.

Here’s what to expect with all of the information I will be providing:

The opportunity to establish a solid base of understanding the markets from a technical macro to micro perspective.

Proficient knowledge of the Auction Market Theory process.

Clear understanding of Risk Management.

The psychological hurdles in trading and ways to overcome them.

Knowing how to manage a position based on the day type with realistic trade location and target expectations.

Many other unique nuances.

With that being said, you need to know that there’s no guarantee this will work for your own unique situation. By going through this self-study information and adapting your own trading to it, you acknowledge these potential circumstances and understand I’m not liable or able to control what you do on a daily basis. Your own success really depends on who you are and what you’re capable of on the inside (psychology) and your desire to execute your business plan efficiently. Make sense? The amount of success you can achieve in trading is beyond anything you could ever imagine but you need to have a solid base of understanding to get there. That’s what I’m looking to do here but its important that you know that this is not trading advice.