Euro Bund Market Recap – Double Distribution Theory

Well, got an allergic reaction and half of my lips was swollen as I woke up, so went to the doctor. He has given me an injection and some tablets. Honestly, never got something like this. Guess, it was something with the food and I thinking the whole day about what is was, freaks me pretty well out.

Anyway, I would like to give an update about the Euro Bund. Especially I want to highlight yesterday’s double distribution profile as we opened lovely in the middle of the range between the two distributions. The first thing to note is in which trend direction the market moved. In this case we had a bearish double distribution profile and you want to lean on the short side in my opinion. To locate a potential trade you would need to spilt the profile. In this way you will get two value areas to identify possible levels to trade. In this case the upper distributions VVAL level was good enough.

Here a screenshot to visualize my theory:


Keep in mind the weekly profile and its potential balanced rotations from extreme to extreme. Right now I merged the previous days inside day with Monday’s profile. I thinking we will move to the upside firstly as there is a possible area for nice liquidity. Now then, as I am kind of tired (guess from the tablets) don’t take my analysis as accurate, lol.

Anyway, have a great day in the markets!