Euro Bund Trading Recap

I was traveling to Asia in the previous week. That said, I have avoided to trade or look at any market and was pretty focused and busy to acclimate to the environment. Right now it’s quite hot around this area but there are an amazing lot of great fruits to eat here. The rice is awesome as well! Anyway, it is the first business day in the week and I thought to take a look at the markets and provide you with a free recap on Euro Bund.

The condition is quite balanced right now. The market opened inside of Friday’s balanced profile. To be more precise we opened right at the previous VVAH close level. In such a situation we would expect a rotational behavior and as soon as the market would break the prev-high or prev-low we would want to go with the imbalance. However, I was looking with quite a bearish face as soon as the previous huge poor high got taken out.


What do you think is the market trying to do? Which move to clear out some important area makes the most sense? Questions like this would brought you into a long position right away with a stop inside of the previous value and as target the area above the mentioned poor high.

However, I was bearish from the start off. The reason to wait for a possible short trade is the weekly TPO/Volume profile. We opened inside of the previous balanced week’s value and range. Again, we would expect a rotational behavior and in such a situation we want to lean uns on the range extremes. In combination with the revisit of that mentioned poor high it made the most sense for me to go with a short, which played out quite well.


Very lovely day in that market. For the time being I will try to post my potential scenarios and quick observations at The Private Banker main site again as there is no opportunity to provide you with an educational analysis report currently. Anyway, I hope you had a great weekend and start into this week!

Stay happy!