Welcome To The Insights

Allow me to welcome and introduce you to the new The Private Banker Insights blog. Next to our community sites that provides us with thoughtful trading educational content and communication features, I saw the need for an enhanced blog in order to reach out to like-minded people who looking for valuable information about trading and other nuances. With this insights site I plan to share some of my stories, experiences and perspectives that will hopefully be of some help for you as it was for me.

This site will be accessible without any charge. Also, I do not wish to display any ads in whatever form or offer partnerships since I want to make information available in the most useful and constructive way for the greater good. There is also no need for any kind of analytics software to “track” users as I am not interested how much and in which way people visit it, so I not even installed anything like that. However, my wish is to reach out with this blog to grow my network of contacts in order to share and help each other in various areas.

I will use this insights blog to provide you with various market observations, reviews about numerous tools or books, articles about my business experiences and several stories. Also, I want to write about my personal views on current economy or world occurrences as well as to share with you some of my own research reports. Anyway, as mentioned I hope the articles will be of some help for you and for me on my business path.

With all that said, you can learn more about the various categories here and about me here. Let me always know if you have any questions or tips.


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