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The Private Banker education consists of an in-depth multiple step written program that runs along side a substantial video series allowing traders to establish a solid base of understanding the markets from an professional trader’s perspective. Identifying trade opportunities whilst managing risk though the use of various analytical tools and structural references. This is a sophisticated and advanced approach to trading, centered around the auction market theory process, and other closely related concepts. Anyway, the methodology is simplified for the sake of comprehension.

With that being said, here is an overview of the topics covered in this educational program:

Step 1: Top Down Technical Analysis
In this important first section you can learn how to look at the markets from a larger scale into a smaller scale. We employ the top down (macro to micro) technical analysis to understand the overall market structure and the path of least resistance. It is a filter process to not only understand the path of least resistance but to understand what the market is telling us, and bring that into an intra-day and swing trade thesis. To listen and read the market “story” we utilize various chart time periods to look at the market first from a zoomed out perspective and bring this in to an intra-day level with several tools like Price Channels, VWAPs and Moving Averages to help in understanding this accurately. It is essential to achieve the ability to be aware of a balanced or imbalanced market conditions on various time frames.

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Step 2: Risk Management
In this educational section there will be a discussion around risk management and ways to appropriately handle risk. The goal of this section is to remind you of the common pitfalls in trading and ways to overcome them, as well as show you how to approach risk from a professional perspective. Traders face a variety of risks well beyond the thought of taking a stop-loss. This would include for example Financial Risk, Technology Risk, Opportunity Risk, Event Risk, Psychological Risk and some more. A trading method should really be centered around risk management over anything else because it is perhaps the most important element in our day-to-day trading. Subsequently we then move into risk management while executing trades including reasonable stop placements.

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Step 3: Trade Methodology
In this section you will actually learn how we trade with various tools like the TPO profile, Footprints and other nuances. We cover some general filters we apply on each session that are then paired with our game plan and overall market context. This includes topics about the different TPO shapes, initial balance, layering, measuring the success or failure of a trade and other significant elements in our trading. Additionally to all this covered written topics we provide an in-depth volume at price presentation to get familiar with the footprint chart. By the way at this point we declare that it is crucial to read and understand the previous two sections before you move into this piece of educational content.

Step 4: Performance Tracking and Planning
In our last piece of educational content you will learn how to measure your trading performance in a professional non-emotional way with ready to download Performance Tracking Spreadsheets.

In summary we are teaching our community members to view the market as an professional trader as opposed to a retail trader. Also furthermore we provide you with our chart templates and various indicators we use in our daily trading. Take what works best for you and apply it to your own unique way of trading because we think trading needs to be unique to the individual. Reason being, people will inherently process information differently.

This four step educational program is available with a membership on our bespoke trading community specifically for professional and aspiring to be professional traders that utilize or are interested in learning The Private Banker concepts as a foundation to their trading and investment management.

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