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Absorbed and hidden in the markets. Learn to dance with the illusion of liquidity, time and volume.

Self-Study Topics

Learn how to employ the top down (macro to micro) technical analysis to establish a solid base of understanding the overall market structure and the path of least resistance. Build a clear understaing of Risk Management and learn more about the psychological hurdles in trading with possible ways to overcome them. Additionally, learn how to manage a position based on the day type with realistic trade location and target expectations in our Trade Methodology section.

Take a look at the self-study topics and read some of our free accessiable articles:

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Chart Templates

Sierra Chart is our trading platform of choice. This highly customizable and fast platform offers excellent tools which ideally suits to our educational content.

Members of The Private Banker can freely download the various chart templates which include tools such as the VWAP, Volume/TPO Profiles, Footprints and the DOM. In combination with our self-study topics, members can learn how to use these tools more efficiently in their individual intra-day, swing or long-term trading approach.

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The bespoke forum with traders around the world provides the opportunity to share with each other and learn from each other. Journal your trades, discuss various trading approaches or simply read through the valuable written posts and research articles.

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Video Presentations & Webinars

Alongside with the written self-study content we offer video presentations and webinars for a better comprehension of the information.

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