Euro Bund Video Market Observations

I would like to use this site for further market observations again. Honestly, I like the design and it’s perfectly mobile optimized. That said, here is the first post with a video market analysis on Euro Bund. I’m pretty bullish for this market as you will see, but you should alyways have a plan B in your pocket.

Plan A would be a bullish scenario to take out the unsecured/poor highs and the potential liquidity above these highs. Friday’s positive delta as well as a previous balance area high supports this potential scenario.

Looking at the weekly profile we are one time framing lower, additionally the market closed below the value close area of the March profile. This are some points to keep in mind for a possible bearish scenario. Anyway, here the video analysis for next week that will be hopefully of some help for you.

Video Link

Happy trading!

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