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Here some Feedback about The Private Banker from our valuable members:

“Preface – I use parts of Auction Market theory that add to my understanding of price action. And not AMT in it’s entirety. However, This forum has added to the working knowledge of AMT concepts that I found hard to utilize. Any forum that promotes an honest understanding of how hard excellence in trading really is, and is free of promotion and the BS that pervade 99% of forums is worth being part of. Honesty, integrity build credibility, that credibility can only be built over time and with patience. This forum, so far, has all the right ingredients of that. The quality of material is intense and worth it.”

Sandy Kwaha, Independent Futures Trader
Calgary, Canada – 05 Sep 2014

“Easily one of the most informative forums on trading available. The content is comprehensive and provides a very detailed structure on which in depth futures market analysis can be formulated. Now while the forum does focus mainly on Auction Market Theory, one does not need to strictly adhere to AMT to appreciate what is being given away here. Simply put, the quantity and quality of information available at The Private Banker is first class. ”

Jamie Catalano, Part-Time Trader
Toronto, Canada – 29 Dec 2014

“The most comprehensive, no-nonsense resource I have found available to those seeking educational content for learning auction theory and how to make sense of the futures markets is The Private Banker. From top down context analysis to techniques on how to manage risk, the material available here has truly brought my knowledge of trading to a much higher level. The supportive community members, of all experience levels, makes the forum a unique, and invaluable learning experience! ”

Matt Barnette
Louisiana – 05 Sep 2014


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